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Wet-Glue Labels 

This is the classic label which is still very common. It is typically used for glass bottles, jars and plastic (PET, HDPE) containers. Wet-Glue Labels are paper labels that are not coated until the time of application. Printed paper or film substrates are coated with wet glue on the labelling line immediately prior to application. These labels can be produced also on special substrates like metallised papers. Wet-Glue Labels can be laminated, with embossing or hot-foil stamping, cut or die-cut to any shape.


  • Traditional appearance

  • Stiffness and moisture absorbent 

  • Excellent tensile strength and stiffness for minimal curling, tearing, flagging and folding

  • Increased water resistance for long-lasting label performance and aesthetics 

  • Low production costs due to 30-50% reduction in glue usage and less labelling waste 

  • Flexible performance well suited for unique bottles and package designs 

  • Antistatic

  • Cut into any shape

  • Any printing application possible (hotfoil, embossing etc.)

Fields of use 

  • Any type of bottles

  • Cans

  • Packaging